A revolution in the kitchen
Why should you have me?
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You are the best cook around,
but you don't know it yet!
A revolution in the kitchen!
It is high time we said no to the fast-food culture!
The time has come for the art of cooking to return to every kitchen and give budding chefs an added culinary dimension.
Let us introduce you the Smartcook - device created especially for you!
Get to know Smartcook.
Smartcook is an innovative educational device which enables just about anyone to prepare a meal!
Choose from one of thousands of video recipes and follow the chef step by step.
Any dish, even the most sophisticated, will come out perfectly thanks to Smartcook.
I am Smartcook.
Tell me what you have in your kitchen
and I’ll tell you what you can cook.
Then I’ll guide you through the entire process,
starting from preparing the ingredients
and finishing with a delicious meal.
I am your
culinary library.
I know all the very best recipes, classics
that have stood the test of time.
Cooking enthusiasts from all over the world
are continuously adding to my recipe database,
allowing me to suggest new and exciting meals
every day.
Don't worry
about me.
I am highly resistant to wear and tear
so my surface will stay scratch
and stain-free for many years to come.
Why should you have me
in your kitchen?

Don’t give in
to the

Let me provide you
with comprehensive
of all things culinary.

your family
and friends
with fantastic meals.

Cook the modern way
and stay one step ahead.

Regain control
of your diet.

You are
the best cook around,
you just don’t know it yet...
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Smartcook is the first in a series of future-proof kitchen devices which communicate with each other. Soon, you can become one of the very first owners of Smartcook! If you don't want to miss the opportunity to find out more about our products – subscribe to our newsletter!
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